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"Paradise Reflection" Beach Towel

"Paradise Reflection" Beach Towel

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Towel Size
  30" × 60"
Length, cm 76.20
Height, cm 152.40


The "Paradise Reflection" beach towel captures the essence of tropical relaxation. A pair of stylish sunglasses serves as the centerpiece, reflecting an idyllic image of palm trees swaying gently in the breeze. Framed by beautiful hibiscus flowers and set against the backdrop of minimalistic ocean waves, this design invites you to lose yourself in a tranquil paradise. The cool, calming colors transport you straight to the beach, making every day feel like a vacation. Ideal for those who yearn for sun, sea, and serenity, this beach towel is your ticket to perpetual summer.

Beach days are always a bliss – showing up with a luxuriously soft and customized beach towel however can add a bit more sunshine to your day. This heavyweight towel feels extra lush to the touch as it features a polyester facing where your prints go in vivid detail, and a cotton loop backing for durability.

NB! Due to the thickness of the towel the print colors may not soak all the way through the fabric and white background can show through when towel fibers are stroked.

.: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton
.: White cotton loop backing
.: One-sided print

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