About the Punksy Store

The Punksy Store was created in 2023 by Eric, his wife, and his 3 young children who live in North Jersey. 

Punksy is the output of an exciting family exploring the new world of the AI tooling that's recently become available. Sparked by a fascination with the new AI technology, our family spends countless hours each day meticulously creating and curating unique and captivating pieces of art with various AI tools. With such incredible and creative discoveries, the kids and parents agreed to share these creations with the world through an awesome array of apparel, wall art and other products, transforming everyday items into showcases for imaginative, cutting-edge designs. Eric's background in technology was helpful in the creation and integration of web, ecommerce and generative AI technologies to craft a store to share our best work with the world.

Punksy is driven by the belief that AI offers a fresh lens through which to perceive and appreciate art. Very rarely our first attempts on a vision are complete, there is an incredible amount of effort to guide the tooling with creative prompts and hundreds of iterations to produce what our family decides to be something creatively unique and amazing enough to share. The artwork created using generative AI tools is distinct and unique, filled with originality and conversation-provoking surprises. Each piece blends together various mixed media and punk style with the creativity of our children's imaginations. 

At Punksy, we're not just offering products - we're inviting you to join us on this exciting journey of exploring the most ground-breaking advancements in generative machine learning. Whether you're a fellow AI enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates unique, vibrant designs, there's something here for you. From apparel to home decor, our products are more than just items - they're conversation starters and symbols of a new era. 

Please explore our creations and thank you for supporting our journey.

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